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November Is Memoir Writing Month

November 6 Activity: Organize a Lifestory Party

Since our lives are usually lived in community and our lifestories have evolved with other people in tow, take advantage of this symbiosis to write the best memoir you are capable of by accessing a collective memory of your life’s events. Today, you will organize a lifestory party.

November Is Memoir Writing Month

November 5 Activity: Writing for an Audience

As you write your memoir, you will just about inevitably find yourself thinking of the audience that will be reading your memoir. This consciousness of writing for an audience can be very important to your success. Today, you will make a foray into working with the concept of audience. You will experience how a sense […]

November Is Memoir Writing Month

November 4 Activity: Don’t Trust Your Memory

There’s not way around it: your memory—and mine—is fallible, unfortunately sometimes false, and too often flattering as it “remembers” events. Don’t trust your memory! To counter this, gather materials that will support your grasp of the past. There’s nothing like a document created at the time of an event to anchor you in reality.

November Is Memoir Writing Month

November 2 Activity: Showing Up to Write Your Memoir

Showing up to write your memoir is the key to writing your book. Wanting to write an interesting memoir is a start, but wanting will not get your memoir written. What gets a memoir written is showing up to write when you had promised yourself you would show up. 

book publishing tips

Better Book Production is Possible — Book Publishing Tips

My most recent book, A Sugary Frosting / A Memoir of a Girlhood Spent in a Parsonage, made its way to publication. To launch it, as many readers know, I created an advanced reader community and was able to gather 90+ people who volunteered to write a review for Amazon.

Successful Book Launch

Preparing for A Successful Book Launch

I’m finished writing the text for my next book, A Sugary Frosting/A Memoir of A Girlhood Spent in a Parsonage. What follows is a synopsis of what I am doing to promote the book so that its natural audience is aware of it.

mechanics of writing

Mechanics of Writing a Memoir

Mechanics of writing a memoir – the work of writing a stories and how life can insert delays & provide contemplative times yet leave time left to write.

the memoir writing process

I Finish A Sugary Frosting: Notes on the Memoir Writing Process

I am in the very last days of the memoir writing process and polishing A Sugary Frosting / A Memoir of a Girlhood Spent in a Parsonage, the early lifestory of my deceased spouse, Martha Blowen. It’s a time to make sure I have written what I want to write and to check grammar and […]