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Successful Book Launch

Preparing for A Successful Book Launch

I’m finished writing the text for my next book, A Sugary Frosting/A Memoir of A Girlhood Spent in a Parsonage. What follows is a synopsis of what I am doing to promote the book so that its natural audience is aware of it.


Marketing Resources for the Memoir Writer

Marketing Resources for the Memoir Writer We are often asked by clients if we could help them with marketing and promoting their books. While we do have a number of marketing articles on our Writer’s Blog, the answer is really no. We do not specialize in marketing resources for the memoir writer. While we do […]

info book

Write an Info Book to Grow Your Solo-Preneur Or Memoir Business

If you need help stimulating your small business, it may be worth writing an info book on the product(s) you provide. There are many reasons an independent professional ought to write a non-fiction book that purports to tell the client how to do the very service or product that your company provides.


Ten Tips on How to Publish Your Own Book

You have finished writing your memoir or are nearing its completion. Now you begin to think about publication. Going the route of finding an agent and waiting years for your book to be accepted, does not appeal to you. You decide to publish your own book—a realistic option in this day and age> As you […]

Ebook Publication FAQ

Ebook Publication FAQ Answers to your ebook publication questions Q. Can you give me a definite price for your ebook publication service? A. Unfortunately, other than to repeat that all our work is done at $80/hour, we can’t. Every ebook is unique. Some have few hyperlinks, tags and anchors, while others have many. Features push […]


Memoir Book Production FAQ

we package your manuscript, your photos, and whatever else you want to include in the finished book into a file that goes to the book printer. The resulting hard-copy book looks just like you wanted it to when we worked together planning it.