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Family myths figures prominently in a memoir.

Shaping your memoir: The mythic journey of your life

You have undertaken to write the mythic journey of your life. We read memoirs for many reasons. These reasons can perhaps be summarized into two: we want to be entertained and we need to be informed. In this post on the mythic journey of your life, I want to write about the second of those […]

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Don’t Pass On Reaching A Larger Readership – 4 Tips   

While  family and friends are a worthy readership for your memoir, it is possible to reach an even larger audience. Here are four suggestions to enable your story to appeal to a broader public.   1) Write a story that is truly well-written and whose reading—the prose itself—will bring joy to your reader. To do […]

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November 27 Activity: Add Direct Dialog in a Memoir

There are two ways characters can speak in a story. One way is called direct dialogue. When you write: she said, open quotation how are you doing today” you are using direct dialogue. direct dialogue is characterized by quotation marks. When you use direct dialogue in a memoir, you are saying this is actually what […]

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