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What Is Coaching?


Coaching is done over the phone or via e-mail.

1. You send a manuscript as an email attachment. Your coach needs to receive it at least 24 hours before your session.

2. Your coach annotates your manuscript and emails it back to you before the session. You review it and make note of your  questions and reactions.

3. At  the appointed time, you call your coach. Over the phone, you and s/he discuss your manuscript which both of you have in front of you. You are likely to get hands-on critique and many suggestions for improvement. This is when “just in time” kicks in. Your manuscript needs help  with dialog? Your coach delivers “just in time” instruction on the creation of effective dialog. For instance, it’s likely, as some point,  you may need to fine tune your use of direct and indirect dialog. For many writers, there’s little benefit in the coach making a presentation on dialog on his or her schedule. It’s the writer’s need that ought to dictate the time and the depth of the presentation.

4. You and your coach set up a time for your next session. We highly recommend that you meet regularly at the same time and on the same day. This creates a sort of ritual that maximizes productivity. You will not be asking, “When is the next time I turn a manuscript in?”

In only six months of coaching with you, I accomplished more with my family story than I had done in the previous twenty years. I can’t thank you enough.

—Jean Crichton, Editing Client

The Process Supports You.

1. It’s about you. While we are interested with your productivity and hope that you will produce a manuscript in a timely fashion, as writers, we also know that writing is a very personal process.

There many be weeks in which you produce prodigiously and then there may be weeks when you call up and say, “Can we just talk about the process?” Yes, we can.

Coaching is always about supporting you and your process.

2. You get to determine how often we meet. In practice, we have found that every week or every two weeks supports the process maximally, but some writers need to have less frequency. This is about you.

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What is a Coach?


Your memoir writing coach will be your personal trainer, mentor, cheerleader, and speaker of the truth. S/he will teach you what you need to know to proceed, encourage and guide you in the writing process, make you do some strategic planning, and hold you accountable for meeting your goals.

  • A coach helps you to establish realistic goals and expectations and supports you as you meet them.
  • A coach gives useful feedback at every step, and insightful support for the processes of change and achievement.
  • A coach is there to hold you accountable for taking the steps you yourself identify will bring you pleasure, satisfaction and accomplishment.
  • A coach reminds you of the declaration of commitment you have made, something we all need in order to follow through on resolutions.

Crichton - The Memoir Network

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How Does it Work?


The Writing Coach Process

You and your memoir writing coach maintain an on-going conversation on the subject of your project as you define it. Based on your mutual preferences, it will be carried out by

  • telephone conferences
  • e-mail correspondence
  • letters
  • useful handouts on topics you’re dealing with
  • suggestions of reading lists and other resources

There are no contracts: our “cancel-any-time” policy is your assurance that we will generate quality conversations with you and deliver valuable solutions on every call. We believe that this is the only way to develop a trustful, long-term working relationship with you.

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