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Memoir Writing Group

A Memoir Writing Group is a meeting of serious, ambitious writers who regularly gather on a conference line to review and discuss their memoir or family history projects and the writing life under the leadership of an experienced mentor.

Conducted from the convenience of your home (or wherever you find yourself) using a regular telephone to call a bridgeline number, the Memoir Writing Group provides all the benefits of regular contact with an experienced teacher and the support and stimulation of fellow classmates who are fully engaged in the memoir-writing process.

The Memoir Writing Group is especially effective for lifewriters who desire the affirmation and challenge of community. If you live in a rural or distant area, if you seek contact with those who are grappling with the same issues you are, you will find the Memoir Writing Group easy and convenient and a boost to your memoir writing ability and production rate!

Are you looking to work with a few writers who will commit themselves to working with a group leader and other writers in long-distance coaching groups?

If so, a Memoir Writing Group is for you. As a member:

  1. You will meet once a month as a group via a one-hour tele-conference call. In this session, you will discuss your writing reports and receive guidance and encouragement from your group leader.
  2. You will have a private half-hour access to the group leader once per month. Prior to this monthly 30-minute conference, you will provide the leader with four to five pages of your writing. The focus of your consultation will be intensely on your manuscript. Additional time is available at 10% off regular rates.
  3. You will be encouraged to correspond with other members as writing buddies.
  4. You will have brief e-mail check-ins with your group leader as you need them during the month.
  5. You will receive a quality MP3 of each month’s group meeting and of each individual meeting.
  6. You will receive a weekly writing prompt or motivational note.
  7. You will receive 10% off additional individual coaching.

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After spending twenty years taking notes and doing research, I believed I would never get my book written. But in a remarkably short time as a member of the memoir writing group, I changed all that. My manuscript progressed more in six months with you than in twenty years of working alone! I wish I had found you years ago.

—Jean C., whose family history was published in 2009.

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My Memoir Education

From the inside outA free membership pathway for your writing journey

Here's what we have in store for you:

  • High-impact print and audio materials on crucial aspects of memoir writing.
  • MP3s of interviews with prize-winning memoir writers to inspire and guide you.
  • An introductory writing course to jumpstart your memoir with depth and fluency.
  • An organized reference guide to the “best of the best” of the Memoir Network that all elegantly fits together.
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