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The Write Your First Memoir Draft Course

A Memoir Network tele-class is a great investment to learn to write better memoir, faster.

An experienced master writer can help you to learn to write better memoir, faster.


Writing a memoir can be challenging! It is not an easy task and it can take years longer than you thought to complete. Is it any wonder that so many would-be memoirists quit before they reach their goals?!

That’s the bad news. Now for the good!

The good news is: authoring a memoir has been done before by many people just like you–people who have implemented one exemplary habit you will learn in the Write Your First Memoir Draft Course.

You, too, will acquire this failproof/foolproof habit that will help you to complete your memoir. And what is that stellar habit?

It is showing up regularly at your writing desk and doing the work of combining theory and practice during our seven months together–a seemingly simple but challenging commitment for which you’ll find ample reward in the quantity and quality of your output. You will be supported by your Write Your First Memoir Draft colleagues who will cheer you on, in the plethora of stimulating and focused audio and print materials you will receive and in the sensitive live sessions.

If you had started using the practices, principles and habits of the Write Your First Memoir Draft seven months ago, you would now be holding in hand a first draft of your long-anticipated memoir!

 To learn to write better memoir, faster, jpin a Memoir Nerwork tele-class.

By being part of the Write Your First Memoir Draft Course, you can learn to write better memoir, faster.

If you commit to Write Your First Memoir Draft Course, you will produce more than you now think possible. Sooner than you may think, because you signed up for a program in which you will be strongly mentored, your story will have progressed significantly—you will even be likely to have a satisfying first draft of your memoir. That’s what it means to learn to write better memoir, faster.

Over the years, we have helped many people to turn their vague dream of writing a memoir into a specific, attainable goal to publish a book by certain date. We can help you do this, too.

Seven months into the future may seem like a long time–but remember seven months in the past?  Just yesterday, wasn’t it? Yet, you didn’t write your memoir during that time as you might have had you been a member of Write Your First Memoir Draft.

Now think of the same period in the future. Seven months from now! Will you still be without a completed first draft of your memoir then, too? Will you still be wishing and dreaming?

The choice to turn a dream into a goal is yours.

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  • Write Your First Memoir Draft  begins February 18, 2016, with the first tele-class session.
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Whatever you do today, write a few pages of your memoir.

Sending you my best wishes for your success, I am

Your fan,

Denis Ledoux


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