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Five Ways to Save on Ghostwriting Fees

There are ways to save on ghostwriting fees

Finding ways to save on ghostwriting fees can be pressing when the story needs to be told but you have to cut costs. (co-author) is, no questions about it, an expensive proposition.

There are ways, however, to cut the costs by doing some of the work yourself. Before doing that work, however, you would do well to ask the writer you have hired about how to turn the work in in a format that s/he can most readily make use of.

1. Write as much of the text as you can.

It does not need to be particularly well written–just as  good as you can make it. Perhaps that will be in snippets or even in outline form. Type the text into a computer file to send to the ghostwriter. (The ghostwriter would have to charge you to enter text into a computer file so this is a step that can save on ghostwriting fees.) Your writer can rewrite or polish what you send. What I love about receiving this sort of text is that it gives me your “voice” and a whole set of your vocabulary to use.

2. Photocopy your artifacts–journals, newspaper articles, diplomas, etc.–and organize them chronologically.

If anything is not clear, make notations  on the photocopies. In this way, the writer can access your artifacts quickly and meaningfully. A ghostwriter can extract an amount of material from photocopies that will astound you.

3. Be easily available for consultations with the ghostwriter. You can be pro-active.

Frequent consultations (usually by phone)  allows the co-author to keep on the right course in writing. You are constantly correcting any false leads s/he is making. In this way, there is no expensive inappropriate writing. In my own work, I am always amazed at people who say, “Just keep on writing. I’m too busy right now to have a telephone check in.” Be available and save of ghostwriting fees.

4. Read the text your ghostwriter sends you-carefully and every time.

This is the time to speak up about any changes you wish to make. It is also the time to save on ghostwriting fees as later on the writer may introduce text based on earlier writing that s/he thought you wanted. Then the writer not only has to change the first text you disapproved of but also all subsequent texts that depend on it.  The absolute worse time to change text is when the ghostwriter sends you what was supposed to be a final copy and now you want changes. Early changes are cheap changes! It’s the time to save on ghostwriting fees!

5. Ask the advice of the ghostwriter, rather than tell her/him, about how to structure the memoir.

A client can tell the ghostwriter s/he wants a certain treatment which the ghostwriter could easily tell you will produce a shallow or a stilted story. You have hired a professional writer for a good reason! Use that writer’s expertise.

These  five suggestions to save on ghostwriting fees can go a long way to producing the best story you and the ghostwriter are capable of and also to do so in the least expensive manner possible. Remember a ghostwritten book is a work of collaboration. The ghostwriter can only do so much!

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