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Use sensory details in your memoir.

Why Sensory Details Bring A Memoir To Life

Successful stories are full of sensory details (colors, shapes, textures, smells, sounds, flavors. When your stories portray a vivid world (“three sweet-scented roses”) rather than a vague one (“some nice flowers”), you make it easier for readers to take the leap of faith into the world of your writing.

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Three Memoir Writing Tips for Easier Writing

4 Tips For Easier, Quicker Writing

You can benefit from easier and quicker writing by adapting appropriate habits of composition. Here are four habits for quicker writing of your first draft that you would do well to learn. They are easy to implement and the rewards are significant.

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St. Sebastian. martyr

Your Life as a Myth Part 1

Myths are the stories we create to express how we perceive the world and life. How we live our lives is determined by the myths we live by, but our lives also reveal our myths to ourselves and to the world. What are your myths? Look at your life, at your feelings, at your responses […]

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Start writing your memoir today.

Why Should I Write My Memoir?

“Should I write my Memoir? Is it worth the time to write?” a man asked me recently,adding “Most people don’t have a memoir that was worth their time to write.” “Worth the time to write?” I repeated—raising my voice into a question. “Not only is every life worth writing about,” I countered, “but the writing […]

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The orphan archetype is often found in a memoir

Your Life as a Myth Part 2

The following is the second installment of a three part series on the use of myths and archetypes in memoir writing. In the first part of Your Life as a Myth, I wrote about both archetypal patterns in general and about the martyr archetype. In today’s post, I write about the orphan and the prince-left-at-the-pauper’s-door. […]

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