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November 21 Activity: Learn to Use Visualization In Your Memoir

November 21 Activity: Learn to use visualization in your memoir.

The memory list remains a powerful tool for memoir writing. Given the time to compile an extensive memory list, many of us can come up with many of the details of our lives. But, as good as the memory list is in propelling us through our past, it can come to a halt. What to do?

Use visualization in your memoir recall.

You can use visualization in your memoir to remember details that may be eluding you. Visualization (See Turning Memories Into Memoirs, Chapter 2) is an easy process.

Action Steps

1. Sit comfortably in a chair and begin to breathe regularly and slowly. This can be a lot like the meditation process that anyone reading this can implement.

2. When you find yourself relaxed, let your mind and your imagination wander to different times in your life. Choose one of these times, to visualize more in depth. In your mind, let the scenes come up. Scrutinize that scene.

  • Who is there?
  • What are they doing?
  • What details are clear to you?
  • What feelings do you have as you remember the scene?
  • What role are you playing in the scene?
  • What role are the other people playing?
  • What feelings are they demonstrating for you?

3. When you are ready to jot down notes of your experience. You will find that the information you derive feels true to you and not made up. Later you can use the information from this visualization to incorporate as much as you can into your life story writing.

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