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November 20 Activity: Practicing to Write In Quantity

November 20 Activity: Practicing to Write In Quantity

The goal of today’s activity is to practice the habit of writing easily and in flow. A first step a memoir writer usually takes is to write quantity, to write much. Quality will come later—as it must.

When a construction crew builds a house, it does the rough framing first. It is only later that the finish work gets incorporated into the structure. The same is true of memoir writing. The first thing you need to do is write in quantity, in volume.

Today is a writing day. In order to write a memoir, it is necessary to write. Sometimes memoir writers  forget that as they research and study.

While we will have other days of gathering information and analyzing it and broadening our understanding of the material of our lives, today you will be writing.

Action steps

1. Dig out your memory list and write for as long as you can on as many of the items on it as is possible. What you will most likely be writing vignettes—that is, parts of stories. If you find however, that you are writing complete, stories that is wonderful, but it is not the goal of today’s exercise. You are to aim to write in quantity.

2. As you write to these stories or vignettes, note the date in each one. This will make it easier for you to collate them into your memoir later. The date can be incorporated into the text or placed in brackets.

3. Save your stories to be developed later.

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