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November 1st: November Is Memoir Writing Month Kick-off

Get a quick start on your memoir during November Is Memoir Writing Month.

It’s possible to get a large part—even all—of the first draft of the memoir you have been dreaming of written in a month’s time.

Here are some activities that will facilitate the process. You can work on them one per day or do several at a time.

Good luck!

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November 1: Choose a period of your life to write about.

The strict definition of a memoir is the story of a certain time of your life while an autobiography is the story of your entire life. (In practice or common usage, people use the terms interchangeably.) To meet the parameters of a month of writing, choose a period of your life rather than your entire life. You can write a memoir in a month but perhaps not an autobiography.

In choosing a period, look for personal significance, rather than glitz—a time when you came to terms with a chronic illness rather than a time when you found yourself in a gift shop with Hillary and Bill Clinton.

Writing a memoir can take a long time and you ought to be in material that commands your attention—and loyalty.

In November Is Memoir Writing Month, let yourself expand your memoir writing conversation.

Action Step

1. Write a paragraph in your writing journal about which period of your life you want to write about.

  • Elaborate on why you think that period is a good choice. This will include the consequences of that period in your life.
  • Choose approximate dates (precise, if you can do, that is great) when your story begins and when it ends. These dates are not fixed in stone. You may revise them later.

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