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The Memoir Network - Master Writer

Would this be a good fit for you as a writer?

What memoir writer help do you  need to succeed?

The answer varies for each writer, I suppose. That’s why we devised a variety of offerings for our Master Writer program. Within the MP3s, reports, e-books, tele-conferences you will have access to, there is bound to be a plethora of useful material to inform and motivate you, to keep you connected to the memoir conversation.

Each month we will endeavor to bring you something new and fresh. We want you to feel that wherever you are, you are part of a writing community that is here to support you and help you.

What you receive for the first month

1. A 27-page e-book, Getting Started and Keeping Going. Click here for a sampling of the book.

2. A fifty-minute MP3  of the Getting Started and Keeping Going tele-class. The content is slightly different from the Getting Started e-book, thus expanding the benefit to you. There will be two excerpts for you. Stay tuned.

3. A 50 minute interview with Kathy Pooler, blogger extraordinaire whose Memoir Writer’s Journey blog is a gem. She shares her experience of  what she believes makes for a successful memoir as well as how a memoir writer can succeed. An interview not to be missed. An excerpt will be available later

4. A special report: The Three Pillars of Memoir Writing.

5. Subsequent months will also  offer a “town meeting.” The town meeting will be a time for you to call with any question you have  or issue that you would like to air. While the town meeting will be a regular feature, it will not be offered the  first month.

Launch Discount

Beginning on February 7 and ending on February 14, 2014, you will have the opportunity to not only join the mastermind writer membership group but you will be able to do so at a 33% reduction in cost—for the next 6 months. During that week, all new members can register at the special $19.95 month instead of at the regular $29.95—a savings of $10.00 per month. You will benefit from this special rate for six months!

You cannot register yet but you will be able to starting on February 7. The special intro rate expires on the 14th but you will still be able to become a member at any time at the regular rate of $29.95 per month.

Do You Have a Story To Share But You Aren't a Writer?

We have helped many people whose lives demanded to be recorded but who themselves There is a difference between proofreading and editing.were not writers to create interesting and well-written memoirs.

We listen to you speak your story. We ask you a multitude of questions. Then we get to work writing. We come back to you with text and you make lots of corrective comments and we ask you a whole lot of new questions. Then, we go back to writing again.

Over time, your story develops into a memoir—one that you have shaped at every stage of the writing process.

We offer a free consult. Call today at 207-353-5454 to make an appointment.

To learn more about ghostwriting, click here.

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