Memoir Professional Packages

Become A Memoir Professional In Your Community

Interest in memoir writing is running higher than ever. Wherever you live, there are people who want to leave a written record of their lives but who have little idea about how to recall the details of their lives, how to develop a memoir character, how to pace and shape a book of memoirs.

The Memoir Professional Package

Become a Memoir Professional with The Memoir Network.

Best package for creating full-time work or a memoir business.

The Associate Memoir Teacher Package

The Memoir Workshop Associate Memoir Teacher

Ideal for people seeking to teach as a sideline or avocation.

Whichever package you choose, you receive:

  • Proven curriculum that has been used with thousands of apprentice writers.
  • Easy to implement guidelines for effectively conducting your memoir workshop—this is not a case of theory without hands-on material.
  • Strategies and more strategies for making a success of whichever package you choose.


I expected the Memoir Professional Package to be full of information—but not this full. You guys know what you are talking about. It felt I was in good hands to launch myself as a memoir professional. —Lynda McDaniels, Memoirs for Life

Many professionals who have been interested in teaching memoir writing have also been interested in our Photo Scribe line. You can become a Photo Scribe teacher, too

A Photoscribe Teacher helps individuals to preserve their family stories within the context of a photo album. S/he leads workshops on how to preserve family stories in writing in scrapbook albums. A great addition for a Memoir Professional or a scrapbook consultant. More information available on the Photo Scribe page.


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