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Memoir Expert Denis Ledoux Presents at National Tele-summit

Denis Ledoux, Memoir ExpertThe National Association of Memoir Writers (NAMW), it was learned today, has selected memoir expert Denis Ledoux of The Memoir Network of Lisbon Falls, Maine, to speak on “A Grass Roots Movement: The Democratization of the Memoir” at its tenth national tele-summit to be held on Friday May 3, 2013. The public is cordially invited to participate in this free tele-conference program loaded with memoir experts via their home phone lines.

The all-day event called Memoir in the New Millennium will gather memoir experts from around the continent who will speak about writing, publishing, blogging, and platform building.

Ledoux is a Memoir Expert

“Denis Ledoux,” writes NAMW president Linda Myers of Richmond, California, “is truly a memoir exert. He was one of the first designers of the structured memoir-crafting course. His workbooks, texts, a training manuals have proven to be classics. His network of memoir professionals who teach his Turning Memories Into Memoirs writing method in seven English-speaking countries has brought hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals into the profession.

“As one of the long-term proponents of memoir writing, Denis will talk about the opportunities memoir presents for self-development, leaving a legacy, creating meaning and messages through the generations, and how writing and teaching memoir can change the world, one story at a time.”

Memoir expert bio

Denis Ledoux is the author of the well-reviewed Turning Memories Into Memoirs of which the American Library Association Booklist asserted that it is “very beneficial…helps writers get off to a great start.” The Baltimore Sun added, “Anyone intent on writing a family history should read Turning Memories Into Memoirs.” Ledoux has also written The Photo Scribe, and The Consumer’s Guide to Ghostwriting Services. He won the Maine Fiction Award for his Mountain Dance & Other Stories in 1989. His other titles include What Became of Them and Other Stories from Franco-America, and Lives in Translation: An Anthology of Contemporary Franco-American Writings which he edited. Denis’ short fiction has twice been honored with the Maine Writing Fellowship Award (1991, 1996), an NEA-based merit award. He has also ghostwritten, edited and coached into existence hundreds of memoir for clients from around the world. Time Magazine summed it up by pointing out that Ledoux ”has helped tens of thousands of people to get started on their memoirs.”

“The memoir,” said Ledoux, “may be the ultimate form of democratization of writing. Not only can it be about the ordinary person, but it can now be distributed via e-publication to an audience that is outside the reach of the traditional publishing industry. These are exciting times for writers.

“I hope that everyone interested in learning more about memoir writing and building a platform for their writing will go to for more information and to register for this unique free tele-conference. There will be an MP3 of all presentations available to those who register. It doesn’t get better than this if you are writing a memoir and want guidance from a number of memoir experts.”

Anyone wishing to learn more about Denis Ledoux and his work are invited to visit or call 207-353-5454.


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2 Responses to Memoir Expert Denis Ledoux Presents at National Tele-summit

  1. namwmemoirs April 29, 2013 at 4:00 PM #

    Thank you for joining us, Denis! We are so honored to have your voice and experience join others to celebrate the Memoir Revolution that has grown so much in the last few years! You are one of the reasons for this amazing movement. See you Friday!
    Linda Joy

  2. Denis Ledoux April 30, 2013 at 2:34 PM #

    Linda, your kindness is much appreciated. I look forward to speaking on the topic of “A Grass Roots Movement: Memoir over the Last Two Decades–and Into the Future”. Indeed, I’ll see you on Friday.

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