martha, 2005

La ultima vez—The last time

Besame, besame mucho / Como si fuera esta noche la última vez… Kiss me, kiss me a lot / As if tonight were the last time… Cesaria Evora’s voice, strong and oh! so beautiful, comes in from the livingroom as I pour myself coffee in the kitchen. It is early morning, and I am thinking […]

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Coaching or Editing? Which Is Which? Which Is Best?

There’s often only a permeable line between coaching and editing. In practice, as I work with a writer, I find myself slipping from coaching to editing and back. That’s how close coaching and editing really are. Depending on the state of your manuscript, one or the other or both are called for. How it works […]

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The Memoir Network Writing Series

Navigating the Memoir Journey

IN THIS PODCAST YOU’LL DISCOVER: What makes memoir such a unique form of writing; What elements make a successful memoir; When you should consider writing a memoir, even if you don’t intend to publish it; Why you shouldn’t give in to the temptation to fictionalize your story; The difference between memoir and confessional writing; How […]

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Myths help us live out lives

How to Write a Significant Memoir

That our memoir is insignificant is about the last thing we memoir writers ever want to read about our magnum opus. What separates a significant memoir from an insignificant one? I’ll give you a hint: it’s not fame it’s not the scope of the arena of the action. The key to significance lies elsewhere.

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Why do a book tour?

Why a Book Tour Works

Why does a Book Tour Work? It does so because it allows people to know, like and trust you—essential characteristics of any selling and buying relationship. Why a Book Tour Works is an original contribution to LinkedIn’s Pulse. Pulse is a blog on LinkedIn for people to post on topics of their expertise. The post […]

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