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5 of 16 Reasons to Undertake Ebook Publishing

First 5 of 16 Reasons to Undertake Ebook Publishing [This is the first of three posts featuring reasons for including ebook publishing as part of your marketing options.] Are you making a mistake not planning to include ebook publishing in your publication schedule? People interested in independent publication ask me if they should publish their […]

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Family myths figures prominently in a memoir.

Shaping your memoir: The mythic journey of your life

You have undertaken to write the mythic journey of your life. We read memoirs for many reasons. These reasons can perhaps be summarized into two: we want to be entertained and we need to be informed. In this post on the mythic journey of your life, I want to write about the second of those […]

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Making of the Photo Scribe

About the making of the Photo Scribe: A Writing Guide / How to Write Stories into Photo Albums One day in 1996, I read an article in a local newspaper about a scrapbook workshop called Creative Memories that was about to be presented. There was something about the tone of the article that led me […]

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how to turn a journal into a memoir

Turning a Journal into A Memoir

I have been slowly revising my latest book My Eye Fell Into the Soup. This book is the first of a two-book set depicting the two years that Martha and I lived with her cancer illness. I have described some of the writing process elsewhere. There was a time when writing / organizing / revising […]

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The Memoir Network

Helpful Thoughts As You Write a Memoir

As you write a memoir, you will find that you need much more information about technique or about style or about research or any number of other topics. Unless you have been writing much over the years, this is likely to be you. Going to the library for information is a necessary next step for […]

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writing a first draft

5 Better Ways to Describe The People in Your Memoir 

Without other people, our lives and our memoirs risk becoming dull. Although ideas are pivotal for many individuals, relationships are even more commanding. We are intrigued with who other people are and how they function. “Who’s that? What are they doing? Where did they come from?” These are question we want answered. To write a […]

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The Memoir Network ebooks

My first publishing story: independent publication

Let me share my first publishing story My first book, What Became of Them, was a collection of short stories. I had written these stories over a number of years, and then in 1988, I decided it was time to send them out. I sent them to several publishers and waited. I totally understood how […]

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best ebook production

Why You Need an Ebook

Why you need an ebook… While in the past I had published only hard-copy versions of my books, I have increasingly included a digital version. It just makes sense. Ebooks are on the ascendancy are more and more a viable publication option. Every year, their share of the book-reading audience grows. Granted you can’t experience […]

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