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Memoir Authority.

Perhaps you need more than My Memoir Education can deliver?

My Memoir Education is an excellent membership. It delivers much free quality material to writers seeking to write the best memoir they are capable of, but a free program cannot provide access to personal, one-on-one mentoring.

Your membership in the Memoir Authority will accelerate your writing process and hasten the day you hold in hand the hard copy of the memoir you dream of writing and publishing.

Over the next months and years, your Memoir Authority Membership will keep you in the memoir conversation and help you to write the best memoir you are capable of writing.

What you’ll receive every month:

1. The MASTER CLASS with a nationally-recognized memoir writer or an acknowledged leader in the memoir-writing field.

Kathy Pooler Interview - MP3 Excerpt

The Memoir Network

Kathy Pooler hosts the web blog The Memoir Writer’s Journey.

  • Month after month, you will have the benefit of following a master writer discuss her/his memoir writing experience. These Master Classes will be available for you to download and listen to over an over again—and you will want to do just that as each Master Class will contain much technical and motivational guidance.
  • For example, your first Master Teacher is Kathy Pooler. Her blog The Memoir Writer’s Journey is among the finest on the web on memoir writing. Every month, Kathy runs numerous posts of guest writers and memoir experts—making her site a must-visit spot for anyone going for success as a memoir writer. Kathy’s archives deliver a massive amount of information about the priority elements of a successful memoir. She will be your first master teacher. Don’t miss out on this Master Class. Click on the download icon to the right for a sample of what you will get.


  • How great would it be to have your manuscript critiqued by a professional memoir editor and a group of thoughtful, insightful peers! That’s what Memoir Authority members benefit from every month. We critique one or two manuscripts excerpts in depth. In this way, you learn to critique your writing. (Audios of these sessions will be available to Memoir Authority members as downloads.)



  • In this hour-long session, you get to ask all your questions about memoir writing: “How do you do foreshadowing in a memoir?” “What is this Oxford series I was reading about?” “I’m having trouble telling the story. Is it really such a bad idea to fictionalize a bit to get through?” You get to vent about the challenges you are having in researching your story and dealing with painful memories. Whatever your question or concern, I will do my best to speak to your need and will ask your fellow authors to pitch in to with their responses. Ever feel working alone was wearing you down? Join us for this Q-and-A teleclass and feel the support of your community, hear how your writing mates are solving similar issues, or listen to them say “You can do it!” Just need to say what you are doing these days? They’ll be room for that! Or, you want to find a memoir on a topic similar to yours so you can stimulate your writing. Come on the phone line and ask your question. (By the way, the forum is also an excellent place to post these questions.)



  • The seminar is a didactic presentation on various memoir-writing topics selected from the topics requested by members—you. These mini-courses will vary in length and will be available to members both on the site and for download to your computer.



  • These e-mails are pep talks arriving at the beginning of each week. Regardless of your writing schedule and commitment, they will re-focus and renew your enthusiasm and motivation. They will also contain a reminder of Memoir Authority activities occurring that week.


6. An E-BOOK from the Memoir Network Writing Series.

Should I Write My Memoir - Excerpt

The Memoir Network Should I Write My Memoir

This eBook will help you decide whether or not you should write a memoir.

  • The Memoir Network Writing Series is a growing collection of quality e-books that will guide you to write the best memoir you are capable of.
  • For instance, in My Memoir Education, you received a print and MP3 excerpt of Get Started and Keep Going. That short e-book was expanded into Should I Write My Memoir? and has had an active life as an Amazon Kindle e-book. Should I Write My Memoir? is available to you in its entirety in the first month as part of your membership. Today, you can download a preview of the full length version of this e-book:


7. An INSTRUCTIONAL MP3 from our archives.

Get Started, Keep Going on Memory Lists - MP3

The Memoir Network

Denis Ledoux speaks about using Memory Lists when writing lifestories.

  • Your first instructional MP3 is from the tele-class, Getting Started and Keeping Going. This is a recording of an information-filled tele-class presented during a previous November Is Lifewriting Month. In My Memoir Education, you can download a Memoir Authority preview on Memory Lists of this MP3. As a member of Memoir Authority, you can listen to the entire tele-class MP3 as well as to a different instructional MP3 every month.


In the second and ensuing months of your membership in Memoir Authority:

  • In Month 2, you receive an interview with Kate Christensen, author of the memoir Blue Plate Special. Christensen won the PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction in 2008. In Month 3, you get an interview with Monica Wood, author of When We Were the Kennedys. Monica Wood has won multiple awards for her writing.
  • In each subsequent month, you receive another Master Class MP3, a new e-book, a live Q & A Tele-class, a dynamic Editing Session, and more.

The Memoir Authority FAQ – Click here.


The Memoir Authority will open in late May of 2015.

To receive notification of its launch and be placed on a priority waiting list, please click here.

Meanwhile we will assure that you also receive the full benefits of The Memoir Network’s My Memoir Education (if you are not already a member) and of my newsletter, The Memoir Digest.

My Memoir Education

From the inside outA free membership pathway for your writing journey

Here's what we have in store for you:

  • High-impact print and audio materials on crucial aspects of memoir writing.
  • MP3s of interviews with prize-winning memoir writers to inspire and guide you.
  • An introductory writing course to jumpstart your memoir with depth and fluency.
  • An organized reference guide to the “best of the best” of the Memoir Network that all elegantly fits together.
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