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A Mastermind Solution

Sally, my office assistant, and I were working quietly next to each other this week when I was struck with a PROBLEM.

“What to do about A and B?” I asked her, stopping my work for a moment to ask her point blank for her opinion. Sally hunched her shoulders as if to say “I don’t know exactly but I’m thinking of it.”

“If I do A, this and that will be the results. I like some of the outcomes but mostly I don’t like the tail end. For one thing, it will commit me to a long while of doing A.”

“Yes, it will,” she replied sagely. “You will be committed into the fall.”

“But, if I do B, I’ll miss the front-end benefits of A but I like the long tail of benefit in B much more.”

“I can see you would,” she replied.

“I’m not going to do A,” I decided firmly. “It’s just not what I want to do. Thanks for your help. You have such insight. This is why you get the big bucks!”

She smiled, perplexed.

Mastermind thinking; mastermind solution

Airing an idea with someone else is a mastermind process. Just having someone listen to me can be all I need to acknowledge the decision I already know I must make but do not have the courage to do so—yet.

At other times, in a mastermind group, you share your idea in depth, perhaps ever several weeks and through many emails, and engage in a conversation that slowly moves you in the direction you must commit to. The decision is always yours, but the process allows you to take in many points of view.

The Memoir Network Gold Membership

The Memoir Network Gold Mastermind Writers area

Our Gold Mastermind Writers area is in full development. We will announce details closer to the opening. We think it will be of great benefit to you as you write alone wherever you are. How great would it be to have someone say: “The action is suspenseful” or “your lead needs development. Try tightening the dialog.”

Interested? Contact us:

We will be sure you get early notification that will assure you a spot in the Mastermind Writers.

Last but not least: a financial benefit to you

If you have a website or blog, you can set yourself up to generate extra income for yourself by placing The Memoir Network Affiliate banners on your pages. By signing up as a Web Affiliate of The Memoir Network you receive 50% of all sales you generate. If you refer a paying member to The Memoir Network, you will receive half of every payment the member makes—for the life of their membership. Five years from now, you could still be receiving monthly payments!

Visit our Affiliates page to learn how to sign up. You will see that we will provide you with a banner and articles and letters for you to distribute via your website, newsletter, or blog.

Extra Passive Income

So… if you are into promoting memoirs, mental health, social activities, physical health, or writing in general, sign up to be a Web Affiliate of The Memoir Network.

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