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Four Reasons to Join a Memoir Writing Group

Why you should join a memoir writing group.

Memoir writers—as all writers—work in isolation. There are many times when a memoir writer would like to have a contact with someone who could help her/him to resolve a writing issue—whether it’s  a question of grammar, style, or structure. Many writers have found, when they join a memoir writing group, they have come upon a great way to:

  • get developmental critiques for their work,
  • make contact with other writers who can dispel the writer’s loneliness by forming a community to simply commiserate with them as they persist in the long, lonely task of writing,
  • provide the so-important sense of audience for their writing,
  • get answers to persistent questions or reassurance to debilitating doubts.

Here are two options at the Memoir Network to work within a memoir writing group. :

  • The Memoir Café
    Want to have personalized chats with other writers? Spend a moment to uncover the secrets of what makes them tick and how they meet the challenges of writing? You can have a conversation about how best to describe a character or help (or be helped) to understand a person depicted in a memoir. Perhaps develop a closer relationship that will lead to working together as “writing buddies?” The Memoir Café is the area of our memoir forum that will provide this for you. To access the features of the Memoir Café, you will need to be registered as a FREE member of the Memoir Network (a quick and easy procedure)
  • The Memoir Writing Group

    For most emerging writers, a mentoring relationship with a master author and a group of thoughtful, sensitive fellow writers is the extra component that carries them to writing success. And closer mentoring can make a positive difference in your writing life, too

    If you have ever wished for this closer mentoring, you don’t have to continue wishing. Brew yourself a fresh cup of coffee or steep your favorite tea and join us in the Memoir Writers Group. You will join seven other writers and me for 10 high-impact sessions of writing, coaching and editing. The group has only eight writers at a time so sign up early for the next group and don’t miss out.

    Ask your technical questions in the Memoir Writer Group. This is your opportunity to benefit from the dependable input of your fellow writers and your group leader. Whether you want to know about imagery or about hyphens after introductory clauses or about the best point of view for your memoir narrator, come to the Memoir Writing Group for results. Get more details about the Memoir Writer’s Group.

To become a free member of The Memoir Network, click here.

You don’t have to write alone. You have choices to make your writing life easier.

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