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How to Finish Your Memoir

Do you wonder how to finish your memoir?

I’ve noticed that many people who come to The Memoir Network have already been writing a while. They are not people who are  just starting out on the memoir journey. Many have already written 5, 10, 15 or more stories or vignettes. They have been writing for a number of months—sometimes even years—and are concluding that they are spinning their wheels, that they are not producing a book as they so want to do. They realize they are not on the path to bringing their memoirs to a finish. What they are doing is writing stand-along piece after stand-alone piece. Well, a stand-alone piece is not a bad goal really—wouldn’t you love to have stand-alone stories from your grandparents? It’s just that stand-alones are really just not what they want to leave as a legacy.

They want to leave a memoir, an honest-to-goodness memoir that reads like a book.

There are many reasons why we do not finish our memoirs, do not convert stand-alones into a coherent book. Sometimes people don’t finish simply because they don’t put in enough work. We are, in other words, couch potatoes who would like our memoirs to finish themselves. There’s no getting around the fact that writing a memoir is hard work and demands time and attention.  But…

There is another group of people to whom life has been happening and this has impeded progress. “Happening” can be the result of many causes: a new job with a steep learning curve, the birth of a child or a grandchild, a move from one apartment to another or house to another. These people  find themselves, a number of months later, not having written for a long time.

Often, if this is our story, we want to resume work on the memoir but, alas and alack, what burdens us is that the train of thought, the feeling, the sensibility that went into the creation of the text that has already been generated has now been lost. We are no longer in that realm where writing a memoir is something that we can do easily.

What to do when you want to finish your memoir but are stuck?

I have created a course of  5 lessons on how to pick up writing your memoir. It will provide you strategies that you can implement to get yourself back up to snuff. The suggestions range from dealing with mental blocks more effectively to specific writing strategies.

If this is you and you would like to receive this course,  I will make the it available free to the first ten people who request it. In exchange, I will ask these ten  to provide me with feedback to questions I will provide.

Other help to get you to finish your memoir

If you need any writing help, please go to Memoir Café Forum on The Memoir Network site which you can access once you have registered or logged in as a free Basic Member and ask your questions there. I will be pleased to answer them whether yo are helping me out with the course or not.

Thank you and good luck as you finish your memoir.

Do You Have a Story To Share But You Aren't a Writer?

We have helped many people whose lives demanded to be recorded but who themselves There is a difference between proofreading and editing.were not writers to create interesting and well-written memoirs.

We listen to you speak your story. We ask you a multitude of questions. Then we get to work writing. We come back to you with text and you make lots of corrective comments and we ask you a whole lot of new questions. Then, we go back to writing again.

Over time, your story develops into a memoir—one that you have shaped at every stage of the writing process.

We offer a free consult. Call today at 207-353-5454 to make an appointment.

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