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There are many pieces to the writing process, collected here are articles that will help the memoir writer at every stage of the operation.

5 Memory Recall Tips

Recalling the details of our life stories can be a challenge. Devising a Memory List is the first best thing you can do, but if you want additional ideas, here are five memory recall tips for remembering more than you might have thought possible.

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Where Do You Start Writing Your Memoir?

Is there a best place to start writing your memoir?

It’s a quandary: where do you start writing your memoir? Many people may say: from the beginning. But, I don’t think that is the best place to start composing.
The answer is actually quite simple: Start writing your memoir anywhere in the story.

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(More) Better than Prompts: Five Tips to Help You “Jog Your Memory”

When starting on a memoir, it can be difficult to remember all the stories and memories you would like to include. You naturally want to jog your memory.

When you are intent on writing “from the inside out” as we at The Memoir Network hope you will, there are some useful techniques you can use—to add to compiling your Memory List and perhaps even to stimulate it.

Below are a few “memory jogs” to get you thinking and especially feeling about the people and places of your past.

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How to Get the Most Out of Sharing Your Memoir In-Progress

A critical step for a brand-new writer is sharing your memoir in progress with others. There is nothing like a reader to help you develop a healthy critical sense of your work. This article is especially for the writer who cringes at the thought of sharing his/her writing.

Those others you will share with might be writers, they might be friends, or they might be family members. Many readers of this blog are first-time writers.

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Why Should I Write My Memoir?

“Should I write my Memoir? Is it worth the time to write?” a man asked me recently,adding “Most people don’t have a memoir that was worth their time to write.”
“Worth the time to write?” I repeated—raising my voice into a question.

“Not only is every life worth writing about,” I countered, “but the writing of a memoir is a healing and developmental process for the writer. There is something precious in the telling of every tale.”

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A memoir is a hero's journey.

Use an archetype of your experience to revive your memoir

One begins a memoir with a sense of the uniqueness of the story. “It simply has to be told,” you realize excitedly. “The world needs to hear about this.” Then as you write week after week, month after month, and sometimes year after year, that uniqueness sometimes seems to evaporate as you distance yourself from the period of the events and the excitement of having lived it.

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How Many Memoir Types Are There?

There used to be one memoir type. The one kind of memoir genre was that written by famous people about the important events in history that they had taken part in. Mostly, these accounts were about how wonderful they were and how important their roles in history had been. Oftentimes, these memoirs were about excoriating their political or business rivals. Today, we have more kinds of memoir than we could have imagined even only several generations ago.

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The Memoir Network Finish Your Memoir

9 Ideas to Help You Finish Your Memoir

When your writing is stalled, turn to your writing journal for help. The following are suggestions for what you might ask yourself in your writing journal. They are taken from the Pick Up Your Memoir Again—And Finish It! a course on successfully dealing with writer’s block.

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