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In his section, you will read about processes and props you can implement to increase your success as a writer. As in all professions and trades, there are “best practices” for memoir writing that facilitate and improve your experience.

By all means, leave comments if you have a practice that you would like to share with us.

Telling the Truth

Holding Back the Truth in Your Memoir

Your memoir needs to tell the truth about life—yours—and sometimes that requires exposing yourself getting “naked.” Getting to the truth in memoir is not about being cruel but about adding meaning and depth to your life story.

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Writing Time Wasters

I’m no more immune than anyone else to the plague of time wasters. Time wasters are habits we fall into that consume the time we have allotted (or could allot) to writing so that we end up not writing! Here are some of the most insidious that take up too much time and squander my […]

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Make a Memoir Writing Schedule That Works For You.

A memoir writing schedule frees the imagination. When you know that you will write your lifestories at a certain time, then you will not feel anguished if you are not writing all the time. Because the unconscious seems to thrive on ritual—and memory depends heavily on the cooperation of the unconscious as well as the […]

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Don’t Wait To Write Your Memoir!

It is later than you think. In the years I have been helping people write memoirs, I have seen people die and people grow too old. The energy not only to write deeply but to write a memoir at all has been lost to them; their stories have been lost. We go through our days […]

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A Memoir of a Girlhood Spent in a Parsonage

Is this really a memoir? You tell me…

I wrote a lengthy reply to Gayle to her question concerning my recent post, “Another Memoir Finished: What Was the Writing Process?” She asked a legitimate question about whether A Sugary Frosting is really a memoir: “Can you call it a memoir when you embellish the writings of your wife and even added stories that […]

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November 30 Activity: Set a Timeline for Writing Your Memoir

November 30 activity:  You need a timeline for writing your memoir.

The use of a timeline for writing your memoir will both speed up the writing process and assure that you complete your book.

It is possible, of course, to choose to write a memoir so that it takes you forever to complete it. You can write when you feel like it for as long as you feel like it and get it done whenever you get it done. Too often, that’s never.

Your book is very likely to remain in a computer file unless you set a timeline for writing your memoir. When I tell people what line of work I am in, too many people answer back something like, “Well, I started a memoir but I’ve never finished it.” This is sometimes followed with a nervous, embarrassed laugh.

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