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Motivation for writing isn’t always found so readily. Sometimes putting pen to paper and fingers to the keyboard requires a nudge.

Why Should I Write My Memoir?

“Should I write my Memoir? Is it worth the time to write?” a man asked me recently,adding “Most people don’t have a memoir that was worth their time to write.”
“Worth the time to write?” I repeated—raising my voice into a question.

“Not only is every life worth writing about,” I countered, “but the writing of a memoir is a healing and developmental process for the writer. There is something precious in the telling of every tale.”

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A memoir is a hero's journey.

Use an archetype of your experience to revive your memoir

One begins a memoir with a sense of the uniqueness of the story. “It simply has to be told,” you realize excitedly. “The world needs to hear about this.” Then as you write week after week, month after month, and sometimes year after year, that uniqueness sometimes seems to evaporate as you distance yourself from the period of the events and the excitement of having lived it.

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The Memoir Network Finish Your Memoir

Finish Your Memoir

There are writers stop writing and then do not know how to re-connect to the writing life. Writers who have stopped writing may want to write again, to pick up their memoir, but what has happened is that the train of thought, the feeling, and the sensibility that went into the creation of those previously-written stories have now been lost. They are no longer in that realm where writing a memoir is something they can do easily.

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Show up and do the writing.

Tips for Successful Memoir Writing

Recently, someone asked me what are the biggest barriers memoir writers face to being successful. Three came to mind right away. Below, I write about them and offer suggestions for eliminating these barriers.   1. Writers often put off writing a good memoir in favor of struggling unsuccessfully to create a perfect one. This is […]

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write your memoir today

Why Do We Love Stories?

Why do we love stories? Stories fascinate us all our lives. As children, we loved to be told fairy tales and to hear, time after time, the tales our parents told us about what we did and said when we were babies, as well as the stories about their own childhoods. As soon as we were old enough, we told stories about ourselves for our parents and for our friends.

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The Memoir Network

Writing with passion!

Why is writing with passion so hard? Why does what you want to write become so difficult to do the moment you sit down to write a memoir? Where are the words you need to convey the excitement or the dread or the anticipation of your life experience? After writing a while, you are shocked to realize that what appears on the computer screen has no pizzazz! This drivel is not what you had in mind when you thought with excitement of writing your memoir.

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4 Reasons to Join a Master Memoir Writer Membership program

A Master Writer Group: Is it for you?

I belong to several membership groups that have proven valuable to me. Receiving significant new material regularly is a good prompt and I have loved finding a note in my email telling me to log on to the membership site for new products—often bonus products. I also appreciate returning to the membership pages to review material.

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