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You start with a burst of writing motivation. You are super energized!

“By gosh, this memoir is going to get written and it’s going to be good!” you tell yourself. And the writing flows for the first while. Your writing motivation remains high. You write regularly and you think about how to make your memoir better and better. At last, you feel like you are a “real writer!” Then…

A day—or two or three—goes by without any writing. Then that “not writing” repeats itself the next week.

“But that’s ok,” you tell yourself . “I’m just taking a few days off.” But…

The few days off eventually become many days off and the memoir begins to seem a bit less interesting.

You realize you aren’t making much progress. Your writing motivation is on the wane. You ask yourself…

“Is this really worth my time to write?”

You have entered a dangerous path! It leads to quitting.


Below are articles whose goal is to help you to sustain your writing motivation for the long run of creating a memoir.

No one said it was going to be easy—just that you can do it. The fact is…

Many people just like you have written interesting and meaningful memoirs and so can you.

best memoir writign advice

Polish Your Autobiography Easily

Is Your Autobiography Compelling? Granted everyone has stories to tell, but can ordinary people learn the skills and techniques necessary to write meaningful and interesting autobiography? Yes! Anyone who wants to can learn the tasks necessary to write a memoir to bequeath with pride to their children and grandchildren. Every step in the writing process […]

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Writers Learning About the Memory List at a "Turning Memories Into Memoirs" Workshop

Memoir Trash Talk

Three Ways Memoir Writer’s Use Trash Talk Most of us use a certain amount of trash talk when we think about our memoir writing projects or talk about them. We are very clever about our evasive tactics however and disguise the trash as thoughtfulness. Here are a few examples of trash talk. 1. I need […]

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finish line

Motivation Technique for Writing

All writers eventually need a motivation technique to spur them on to the finish line. They face the atrophy of motivation that seems to come with writing a long memoir over months and months and even over a period of time.  Let’s face it: writing can be hard and discouraging. The most interesting of topics […]

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Writing Time Wasters

I’m no more immune than anyone else to the plague of time wasters. Time wasters are habits we fall into that consume the time we have allotted (or could allot) to writing so that we end up not writing! Here are some of the most insidious that take up too much time and squander my […]

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Why you need an ebook

What makes you into a writer?

Does saying you are a writer make you into a writer? Well, of course, the answer is no. Not ipso facto. Thirty-five or so years ago when my wife said, “When people ask you what you do, why don’t you tell them you are a writer instead of telling them you are a teacher? You […]

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The Memoir Network

Stop Trying to Write Your Memoir

Are you a person who is trying to write your memoir or are you a person who is writing it? Your family will likely be left without your memoir if what you do is “try to write a memoir.” This post is full of ideas for going from trying to write to writing.

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