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Everyone should work on improving your writing. Find tips and theories about improving your craft.

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Vivid Characters Are Essential in a Memoir

The people in your story are your characters. It is your job to bring vivid literary characters to the attention of your readers. You must use descriptive writing to present believable characters. Without other people, our lives and memoirs risk becoming dull. Although ideas are pivotal for many individuals, relationships are even more commanding. We […]

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is support for writing a memoir important?

5 Memory Recall Tips

Recalling the details of our life stories can be a challenge. Devising a Memory List is the first best thing you can do, but if you want additional ideas, here are five memory recall tips for remembering more than you might have thought possible.

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A Narrator Issue: Who is Writing Your Memoir?

This may sound like a trick question but it’s not. In fact, it is a very serious question that will determine—or at least greatly influence—the tone and the theme of your narrative. “But, I’m writing my memoirs!” you might answer. Yes, of course. You! But, which you? We’ve all had the experience of the various […]

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Should I Create an Outline for my Memoir?

I do not write a memoir from an outline. Instead I create a Memory List as outlined in Chapter 2 of Turning Memories Into Memoirs. The Memory List helps you to follow the promptings of the unconscious rather than the dictates of the conscious mind as is the case with an outline. (An outline is […]

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don't over edit your memoir

Over Editing Can Kill Your Memoir

Over editing can kill your memoir. Alter your writing approach. Stop the editor; invite the creator/artist. It will help you to write differently. Many new memoir writers come with the great big bad habit they learned over years of editing

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Tips For not Writing a Chronology.

Is writing a chronology of a life enough? Dates and facts are necessary to life writing in the same way route numbers are necessary to maps. It’s not only that dates and facts provide interesting information but that they keep your readers on the right path as they make their way through your life story.

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