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A Narrator Issue: Who is Writing Your Memoir?

This may sound like a trick question but it’s not. In fact, it is a very serious question that will determine—or at least greatly influence—the tone and the theme of your narrative.

“But, I’m writing my memoirs!” you might answer. Yes, of course. You! But, which you?

We’ve all had the experience of the various parts of ourselves in internal debate. For instance, a friend asks you to go to the movies. One part of you thinks, “Sure!” Another part responds, “Wait a minute.

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The Memoir Network

Should I Create an Outline for my Memoir?

I do not write a memoir from an outline. Instead I create a Memory List as outlined in Chapter 2 of Turning Memories Into Memoirs. The Memory List helps you to follow the promptings of the unconscious rather than the dictates of the conscious mind as is the case with an outline. (An outline is great for an essay–”The Three Causes of the American Civil War”– but it is the death of an exploratory memoir.)

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Three Tips For Using Fiction Techniques in a Memoir

We all love well-told stories. We love the entertainment, the sound effects, the punchy plot built around solid characterization. As we share stories in our everyday conversations, we inevitably use fiction techniques to keep our listeners’ attention and interest. When we say “And then she said…,” we are using dialogue – that’s a fiction technique.

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