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Author Archive | Denis Ledoux


Can Life Get Better in the Parsonage?

Life in Worcester for my family was a 1950’s middle-class existence. It is what I believe my father was striving for when he worked those years in Enfield, CT, after high school and before Bates, those years at Bates working at the telephone switchboard at Central Maine General Hospital, serving as kitchen and dining room […]

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Ledoux Wedding, September 4, 1944

71 years ago today…

Today would have been my parents’ 71st wedding anniversary. They.are both gone now—my mother having passed on May 5th of this year. I included a eulogy in a previous blog post. For this post, I am providing you with a link to the blog archives where I have posted many excerpted stories from her book […]

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Write Your First Memoir Draft TC Big

6 Benefits of A Long Distance Writing Program

Looks like a long distance writing program—because it is one. The Write Your First Memoir Draft Course has been designed to bring you all the best of an academic external degree program. Many of us have looked into these programs or at least have seen them advertised in writers’ magazines like Poets & Writers and […]

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Write Your First Memoir Draft TC Preview

Distance Learning: A Precious Opportunity

For most emerging writers, enrolling in an adult-learning program is an exciting experience. At long last, for a period of time that is long enough to make a difference, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in learning the “best practices” of the writing craft that you has been so wanting to learn for a […]

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Stay in the memoir conversation: finish your memoir.

How to Solve a Wrong Narrator Problem

This is a note I created as I struggle with choosing the narrator’s voice for a memoir on my early life. This memoir had been stalled by simply not having the right voice. I had a wrong narrator problem. I offer this rumination as a sample of the sort of writing you can place in […]

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