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In the last few years, it seems everyone has been writing memoirs; from ex-presidents to the lady down the street, from the corporate executive to the retired high-school math teacher. People have become more aware of all forms of lifewriting, from personal journaling to family history to heritage scrapbooking. A Google search on the keywords “memoir” and “personal history” returns nearly a million hits!

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Cash in on the lifewriting phenomenon by becoming a Memoir Network Web Affiliate. You can provide valuable memoir lifewriting resources for visitors to your website or readers of your newsletter at the same time as you generate affiliate income. You will have the opportunity to increase awareness of the benefits of life writing and assist people in writing memoirs — personal and family stories. You’ll earn 50% affiliate income on all product purchases by visitors you refer.

Affiliate income based on sales amounts

  • All sales = 50%

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Passive Affiliate Income Is Waiting for You

Help your visitors learn while you earn passive affiliate income.

Earn referrals on these Memoir Network products:
  • Books, workbook binders, MP3s, workshop and class materials. Electronic books can be easily downloaded and printed. For every qualified purchase of Denis Ledoux’s handbook, Turning Memories Into Memories, you receive 50% of the cover price.
  • A variety of lifewriting teleclass workshops for both beginners and experienced writers in which participants acquire skills through writing and group editing practice. Teleclasses are available in a variety of writing and teaching topics, providing quality instruction with the convenience of a simple phone call. Earn as much as $175.00 for each visitor you refer who signs up for a lifewriting workshop or teleclass.
  • Photo journaling resources to help transform scrapbook albums from ordinary picture collections to lively and treasured volumes of personal or family history. Referral purchases of The Photo Scribe book earn you  50% of the cover price.
  • The only comprehensive professional development program for memoir professionals. This program includes tele-class workshops and seminars, and a full package of manuals and materials. Commissions range from $39.50 for The Photo Scribe Teaching Kit to $450.00 for the full Memoir Professional Certification Program.
  • Professional editing, coaching, and ghostwriting/co-authoring services, as well as book design and production. Commissions are paid for all product purchases for six months by those referred as well as a finders fee of $75 once a referred client has paid for an introductory package or its equivalent. Be sure to email us whenever you have referred a client to be sure you are credited with the referral.

Join our web affiliate program now!

My Memoir Education

From the inside outA free membership pathway for your writing journey

Here's what we have in store for you:

  • High-impact print and audio materials on crucial aspects of memoir writing.
  • MP3s of interviews with prize-winning memoir writers to inspire and guide you.
  • An introductory writing course to jumpstart your memoir with depth and fluency.
  • An organized reference guide to the “best of the best” of the Memoir Network that all elegantly fits together.
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