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Write From the Inside Out

We Don’t Just Teach How to Put Words Together… Although We Do That Really Well. What We Do Best Is Help You to Write From the Inside Out, to Write With Soul.

Denis LedouxSince the fall of 1988, The Memoir Network has been helping people to write meaningful memoirs. Not chronologies. Meaningful lifestories that portray lives with depth, fluency, and style.

We help you to write from the inside out. A new concept for you perhaps, but isn’t that how you lived your life—from the inside out? So why not learn to write from the inside out from the beginning of your writing process?

The Memoir Network founder Denis Ledoux and the team are immersed in memoir writing. Whether they teach, coach, edit, or ghostwrite they deliver “just in time” writing help to get you going.

Our mission has never changed: We’ll help you create the kind of memoir you are dreaming of holding in your hands and giving to family, friends, and possibly the world.

Your Free “Write From the Inside Out” Education:

How did Denis know in 1988 that memoir writing would become so important? He didn’t—he just liked writing memoir and working with people who wanted to be writers of memoir. At first, people would say: “I may be crazy. I want to write my memoir.” But Denis and Martha Blowen, his partner in life and in business, knew that these people were not crazy. They knew these first-time writers and perhaps only-time writers were being impelled by a story-telling urgency that is as old as the impulse of our ancestors gathered around campfires.

Memoir WritersGradually, the people who approached Denis began to express that they believed that it might be a normal activity to write a memoir—and The Memoir Network was there to show them how.

Today, The Memoir Network posts informative articles every week about what’s best to do when you are writing a memoir—whether that is technical information like “how to plot a memoir” to “how to stay motivated” to “giving yourself a launch party.” And we’re not too humble to say we’ve got one of the best memoir writing sites and writing blogs you you’ll find anywhere on the web. And this is why…

  • The Memoir Network is not about writing technique without meaning.
  • The Memoir Network is not about beautiful writing without soul.
  • The Memoir Network is not about writing a chronology without insight.

People want to read about the bigger picture of a life. You need to understand all the facets of effective memoir writing—from re-writing tasks to writing vivid characters to polishing a last draft, and we cover the gamut, daily…for free. Why not begin, complement, and finish your memoir education with us—for free… and in the process learn to write from the inside out!

About Memoir Network Founder Denis Ledoux

The Memoir Network was founded in the fall of 1988 by Denis Ledoux. Denis has won awards for his writing: the 1989 Maine Fiction Competition and 1991 and 1996 Individual Writing Fellowships.

Over the years, we’ve been fortunate that people say a lot of nice things about The Memoir Network, about Memoir network products and about Denis:

  • Time Magazine included Denis in a roundup article on memoir writing in April 1999. Read the quote on our home page.
  • The Christian Science Monitor ran roundups and feature articles on Denis. Three times.
  • His Turning Memories Into Memoirs was deemed by Booklist (American Library Association) as “very beneficial…helps writers get off to a great start.”
  • Rhonda Kanning Anderson, co-founder of the once-premier scrapbooking company Creative Memories, said of his Photo Scribe: “The Photo Scribe has inspired me to a new level of photo-journaling. This practical step-by-stop guide can enable anyone to discover the depth of their memories.”
  • Bottomline Publications acknowledged (in a feature article) Denis’s work as a memoir ghostwriter, editor and coach.
  • The Cincinnati Post praised Turning Memories Into Memoirs / A Handbook for Writing Lifestories as: “…a step-by-step manual, lots of examples, a fine appendix and a detailed index, making it a useful reference over time.”
  • Denis has been interviewed on a variety of radio stations in cities as far flung as Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Montréal. He has been interviewed by NPR affiliates as well as Radio Canada.

My Memoir Education

From the inside outA free membership pathway for your writing journey

Here's what we have in store for you:

  • High-impact print and audio materials on crucial aspects of memoir writing.
  • MP3s of interviews with prize-winning memoir writers to inspire and guide you.
  • An introductory writing course to jumpstart your memoir with depth and fluency.
  • An organized reference guide to the “best of the best” of the Memoir Network that all elegantly fits together.
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