About Us – The History of The Memoir Network

Denis LedouxIn 1988, Denis Ledoux published his What Became of Them, a collection of short autobiographical fiction. As he did promotional programs he would ask audience members to share their personal stories. It was evident to him and to venue directors that there was a hunger to tell personal stories. Soon he began presenting a memoir-writing workshop which he called Turning Memories Into Memoirs™.

Funded initially by grants from the Maine Humanities Council over a period of two years, Denis refined the workshop curriculum and its support materials to be a consistently motivating and empowering experience that delivered the promise of its name.

The Turning Memories Into Memoirs® workshop continues to help people of all skill levels and from a wide range of backgrounds to successfully write their personal and family stories in an interesting and timely manner, but it is now only a portion of the company’s endeavors.

Turning Memories Into Memoirs — The Book

In 1992, Denis took the obvious next step: to publish his flagship book, Turning Memories Into Memoirs/A Handbook for Writing Lifestories, that brings the workshop experience to many more people than can travel to Maine to experience the workshop in person. The book has been in continuous publication since its first printing and now has 35,000 copies in the world helping people turn memories into memoirs. It has been reviewed in many national publications and is used in workshops and classrooms across the English-speaking world.

Turning Memories Into Memoirs is lively, entertaining, and practical.

—Yankee Magazine

The Vision Expands

By 1995, the success of Turning Memories Into Memoirs/A Handbook for Writing Lifetories led writers around the country to ask for workshops in their local areas and writing teachers to inquire about presenting the workshop themselves. Denis developed the Memoir professional Package to help writers and writing teachers to jumpstart their memoir work in their home towns.

writersworkshopDuring this time, workshoppers who had finished writing their memoirs began asking Denis to do a thorough edit of their stories before the books were sent to print. Soon Denis had added editing to his company and assembled a Book Production expertise that includes designer, illustrator, book technician. The company was, as they say, becoming a “full service” provider.

Coaching evolved naturally from both workshop writers who still needed help and from manuscripts that needed more than a final edit. Along with individual coaching came group coaching.

In 1996 and 1997, Denis was a guest speaker at the national Creative Memories conventions in Minnesota. As a consequence, he wrote his Photo Scribe/ How to Tell the Stories Behind Your Photographs and developed a line for effectively writing stories into photo albums.

Ghostwriting came when a woman said to Denis: “Between you and me, I’ll never write this book. Can you do it for me?” Many books later, we can say that ghostwriting is a special expertise for us, a joy to indulge in.

Tele-classes, additional book titles, MPs, and a stable of writers and support office staff ensued.

Today and Tomorrow

Today, we have truly become the “just in time” providers of best quality memoir services—anywhere, any price. Tomorrow, you can be holding the book that you have long dreamed of holding. Call us today. We offer a free consultation.